Charming “I Do! I Do!” Zips Through Marriage And Life At Stages-St. Louis


Corinne Melancon and Steve Isom share a dance on the fourposter in “I Do! I Do!” at Stages-St. Louis. Photo: Peter Wochniak

I’ve always been a fan of the Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt two person musical, “I Do! I Do!” and now Stages-St. Louis has given us, not one, but two casts to enjoy this romp through a life from marriage to old age. Though there are a lot of people who don’t like the show, the music has always been impressive and the story line is funny, schmaltzy and pretty realistic when you quickly break down (not up) a marriage like that of Michael and Agnes.


The nervous couple say their “I Do! I Do’s!” at Stages-St. Louis. Photo: Peter Wochniak

On opening night we saw Corrine Melancon and Steve Isom, a steady actress and singer who has been with Stages for several years and a versatile player in Mr. Isom who has been with the company almost since the inception. In fact, “I Do! I Do!” is being performed for the first time since that first season back in 1987.


Steve Isom as Michael professes the prowess of older men in “A Well Known Fact” during the Stages-St. Louis production of “I Do! I Do!” Photo: Peter Wochniak

Miss Melancon is a terrific actress and powerful singer. Although at times a bit hoarse on opening night, she still belted when the occasion arose like her spectacular rendition of “Flaming Agnes” and the plaintive “What Is A Woman.” Steve Isom delights all through the show with his shows of bravado and his male chauvinism (the 50 years of the marriage run from 1895 to 19454). His hat and cane number, “A Well Known Fact,” is a definite highlight and shows that chauvinism with flying colors. Of course, the only real hit from the show is the early paean to love, “My Cup Runneth Over”- a tender moment that brings a few tears to the eye every time I hear it.


Corrine Melancon as Agnes touts the joys of motherhood in “I Do! I Do!” at Stages-St. Louis. Photo: Peter Wochniak

Their duets are priceless as well including the snarky “Nobody’s Perfect,” the malicious “The Honeymoon Is Over” and the sweet reminiscing of “Where Are The Snows?” They even pull of the most outrageous number of the show, “When The Kids Get Married” where they discuss their leisure time and then pull out a saxophone and a violin and actually play a scratchy version of the number- including a bit of harmony.


Corrine Melancon and Steve Isom as Agnes and Michael in the Stages-St. Louis production of “I Do! I Do!” Photo: Peter Wochnicak

Stages Artistic Director, Michael Hamilton staged and choreographed the show to perfection with a lot of little bits that enhanced the already poignant script. James Wolk has designed a simple but effective set and the Sean M. Savoie lights enhance the playing areas. Brad Musgrove’s costumes are on the mark and Lisa Campbell Albert provides musical direction.


Corrine Melnacon and Steve Isom prepare to leave their home of 50 years in “I Do! I Do!” at Stages-St. Louis. Photo: Peter Wochniak

You can go on the Stages website to choose the cast you’d like to see- the second cast is Kari Ely and David Schmittou. They are also long time Stages’ favorites. If I have the chance, I will catch their version of the proceedings. “I Do! I Do!” plays at Stages-St. Louis through July 1st but, as is so often the case with Stages, shows sell out fast. So give them a call at 314-821-2407 for tickets or more information.

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