“Luchadora!” Is Tender, Touching Story With Mustard Seed Theatre and Theatre Nuevo Joining Forces


Isabel Garcia and Carmen Garcia as Vanessa and Nana Lupita in “Luchadora!” at Mustard Seed and Theatre Nuevo’s joint production. Photo: John Lamb

A lunch conversation with her mother and a briefcase bring Vanessa into a world she never suspected was part of her heritage- lucha libre wrestling. As Lupita’s story unfolds,  we get to see this history of masked wrestlers unfold before our eyes with twists and turns that both Vanessa and the audience cannot believe. That’s how we start our story of “Luchadora!” at Deanna Jent’s Mustard Seed Theatre in a joint production with Theatre Nuevo and AD Anna Skidis Vargas.

We flash back to when young Lupita was working with her father selling flowers from his small pushcart in a small border town in Texas. He asks Lupita to take a briefcase to a local mask maker but implores her not to look in the case. What other incentive does a child need? She discovers a mask of a lucha libre wrestler and begins to wonder what it means.


Thalia Cruz (in background) as young Lupita gets instruction from the Mask Maker, played by Cassandra Lopez in becoming a wrestler in the Mustard Seed and Theatre Nuevo joint production of “Luchadora!” Photo: John Lamb

Thalia Cruz is a charmer as the young Lupita. Vulnerable and naive, she soon discovers that the mask maker, played with strength and resolve by Cassandra Lopez, has been making and repairing masks for her father for some time- because he is the famous Mascalarosa who was set to meet El Hijo for the world championship when he became a no show. As we learn from the tender and performance of Rahamses Galvan as her father, he injured his back and is still in pain- even though El Hijo still haunts him and taunts him from the ring whenever El Hilo appears at matches.

Two young locals- German immigrants, Leopold and Liesl, are Lupita’s best friends and soon they all discover her father’s secret. He is determined to meet El Hijo in Milwaukee and settle the score once and for all. Cassidy Flynn and Ashley Skaggs are the fresh faced friends and the three of them make the most of just being kids with such a heavy secret now in their grasp. Leo and Liesl have a sister, Hannah, played with passion by Hannah Pauluhn who offers a sad side story as well. She also plays a series of smaller roles throughout the play.


The kids wrestle as young Lupita decides she will become a stand in for her father in “Luchadora!” at the Mustard Seed and Theatre Nuevo co-production. Photo: John Lamb

Isabel Garcia makes a delightful Vanessa as she discovers Lupita’s secret after looking in her briefcase, just as young Lupita did those many years ago. And, telling her story, Carmen Garcia is a treasure as the lady luchadora. The mask maker encourages the young girl to learn the trade and then go on against El Hijo in her father’s stead with her as her trainer. The wonderful Carl Overly, Jr. plays multiple roles as well but is most impressive as the brash, masked El Hilo. He pops up all around the stage with his taunts to Mascalarosa. Rounding out the cast in a series of small roles is Ryan Lawson-Maeske.

Anna Skidis Vargas directs with a real feel for the material- written about the memories of his grandmother by Alvaro Saar Rios. David Blake’s two level set is remarkable with a small acting area on upper stage left where Vanessa and Lupita enjoy their surprising lunch and a bridge crossing over to steps leading down to the main acting area that becomes a wrestling training area, the flower cart, the mask maker’s business and a bike trail for the three youngsters. Michael Sullivan’s lights also are effective offering both drama and playfulness. Mark Kelley provides the unusual fighting choreography as young Lupita is taught her most dangerous weapon, the elbow drop. Then a small, roped off ring rolls into the MainStage for the exciting conclusion.


Carl Overly, Jr. as El Hijo taunting his rival in the Mustard Seed/Theatre Nuevo production of “Luchadora!” Photo: John Lamb

“Luchadora!” brought back a lot of memories as my grandfather was a big wrestling fan and we took him to the old Kiel Auditorium many times to watch American wrestlers but he then watched a lot of lucha libre wrestling as well as all kinds of wrestling became quite the rage. The play mixes a lot of life lessons about the hard life of the migrant workers, many of whom tried to escape and become luchadora’s and, of course, about family loyalty. It plays at Mustard Seed Theatre through June 17th. Give them a call at 314-719-8060 for tickets or more information.

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