Enigmatic “Remnant” Brings Imaginary World To Frightening Life At Mustard Seed


Ryan Lawson-Maeske looks down as Katy Keating and Marissa Grice discuss the planning of Christ Mas in “Remnant” at Mustard Seed Theatre. Photo: John Lamb

Mustard Seed Theatre is opening their eleventh season just as they did their first back in 2007- with Ron Reed’s dystopian universe in “Remnant.” Although a native of Vancouver, Mr. Reed’s futuristic play is set in the more familiar surroundings of St. Louis. In fact, Artistic Director and director of “Remnant,” Deanna Jent has set the production in her own theatre in a world that has been all but obliterated by a plague 75 years ago.

A scrappy family- the Wilkin clan- has settled into the Fontbonne theatre space protecting their territory with weapons and an elaborate entry system which requires a series of “secret codes” to enter. Set designer Kristin Cassidy and props master Meg Brinkley have gathered a lot of pieces that earmark family holdings from the recent past and have scattered them throughout the rambling set. It’s a wonderful world to enter as you take your seat and wait for the play to start.

Ryan Lawson-Maeske is the patriarch of the clan, Barlow Sho’r. He opens the show practicing his skills in preparation of any assault on their property. He takes command but has hesitant moments as a Loner eventually invades their home in the form of a scary Adam Flores. His handle of Loner is appropriate as he comes loaded to take over with a curved knife that is attached permanently to his wrist. As the evening moves forward, however, we find he truly is alone and soon begins to cherish the family unit that he has stumbled upon.


Michelle Hand pours “punching” for Marissa Grice as Ryan Lawson-Maeske looks on in Mustard Seed Theatre presents “Remnant.” Photo: John Lamb

In this strange tale of the future the people have developed a new version of the language that was once spoken- sort of a pigeon English that makes it hard to concentrate at the start of the play. Whether the audience gets used to it or the script falls more into conventional tone, you soon begin to understand it and follow along just fine. They have just discovered the holiday of what they call Christ Mas and they settle in to enjoy Christ Mas eve before the intruder arrives.

Marissa Grice is Barlow’s “significant other,” for lack of a better title- Delmar Nu1. A mix of kindness and caution go into her dealings with the Loner and the temper of Barlow. Katy Keating is solid as Barlow’s sister, Annagail Bookr while Michelle Hand as Kristn Taler is the elder of the group and hands down what wisdom she remembers in relating a series of tales about the Christ Mas. Her ritual and deft telling of the story is wonderful.

Michael Sullivan’s lights enhance the expansive staging area relying mainly on overhanging par lights. Jane Sullivan’s costumes are effective in portraying a future that has gone to a mixed bag of the past to recreate the clans’ style.

“Remnant” raises a lot of questions about the fear of a future that has recently been wiped clean by a devastating plague. Is everyone not in your clan an enemy? Is it safe to travel too far from your “space?” And what about the traditions like Christmas and a Supreme Being? Are they real and should you try to reconstruct the life that existed before? There is a lot of suspension of disbelief needed to really latch onto some of the concepts provided in the script but it is a fascinating look into the future and should start a lot of post play discussion.


Michelle Hand delivers a story as Ryan Lawson-Maeske and Marissa Grice look on in “Remnant” at Mustard Seed Theatre. Photo: John Lamb

“Remnant” plays at Mustard Seed Theatre on the Fontbonne campus through December 23rd. Contact Mustard Seed at 314-719-8060 or at mustardseedtheatre.com for tickets or more information.

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