Ron Himes To Be Honored At National Black Theatre Festival

himesA stalwart in our theatre community, Ron Himes, will be the recipient of the Larry Leon Hamlin Producer Award later this month at the 2017 National Black Theatre Festival. As the head of the Black Rep in St. Louis for 40 years, Mr. Himes has produced hundreds of plays including classics, contemporary, new plays and musicals- most relating to the African-American experience. Long revered both nationally and internationally as a major artistic institution, the Black Rep has garnered many awards and accolades over the years.

The National Black Theatre Festival is held in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and Mr. Himes’ award will be presented on July 31st along with such other distinguished awards including the Sidney Poitier Lifetime Achievement Award going to Lou Gossett. Mr. Himes’ award is given to the person who is recognized for profound contributions producers have made to the American Theatre and the entertainment industry as a whole. Larry Leon Hamlin, for whom the award is named, is the late Founder, Executive Producer and Artistic Director of the North Cariolina Black Repertory Company.

Other activities covering the 6 day Festival include theatre productions, workshops, films and seminars. Our congratulations go out to Ron Himes and the entire Black Rep organization. He will be directing the opener of their 41st season, “Dot” by Colman Domingo.

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