Road Trip! “Little Thing big thing”At The Midnight Company Pits Nun Vs. Thief


Joe Hanrahan and Rachel Tibbetts in the Midnight Company production of “Little Thing big thing.” Photo by Ellie Schwetye

Larry O’Donell is a thief. This time he’s after a valuable statue of the Virgin Mary that’s housed in a chapel in Ireland that is  being torn down. Sister Martha is a nun who is sent to close down that chapel. When she realizes someone is after her- or rather after a roll of film she is to deliver to someone in Dublin- a wild and reckless road trip through Ireland ensues and this unlikely pair bicker and bond until the sobering finale.

Donal O’Kelly has crafted this bizarre story and, once you get used to his insistence on the actors mouthing sound effects and, of course, the Irish and Scottish brogues, “Little Thing big thing” settles into a delightful if hazardous romp. Joe Hanrahan, Artistic Director of The Midnight Company, is a brazen, profane thief who makes no excuses for his behavior and lifestyle. A great role for the talented Mr. Hanrahan as his brash portrayal is perfect for this likable bad guy.

Rachel Tibbetts, founder of Slightly Askew Theatre Company (SATE), is the prim but, as it turns out, far from proper Sister Martha. Objecting to Larry’s Mamet-like mouth, she soon falls into the rhythm- if not the spirit- of his charming style and soon becomes quite thrilled with this new adventure of eluding whoever is after her (them) and the rather rough ride of his rickety old car as they bounce through the countryside. A delightful performance that sparkles with wit and a bit of wild abandon as both she and Joe Hanrahan tackle multiple roles along the way. Mr. Hanrahan recently directed Ms Tibbetts and Ellie Schwetye in a dark production of “Cuddles” at SATE and now both of the ladies are involved in The Midnight Company production. A wonderful collaboration that I hope continues.


Joe Hanrahan and Rachel Tibbetts in “Little Thing big thing” at The Midnight Company. Photo by Ellie Schwetye

Along with the on stage duo, off to the side is the duo of Jason Scroggins on guitar and Will Bonfiglio on “fiddle.” Accompanying with everything from appropriate Irish tunes to a tongue-in-cheek “Bonnie and Clyde,” they fill out the story beautifully. Will has another commitment so he will be replaced by Amy Greenhalgh during the rest of the run.

Ellie Schwetye directs “Little Thing big thing” and keeps the pace moving at breakneck speed in this 90 minute one-act. They are aided by the Michael B. Perkins video design which features location photos as well as a running video of their road trip including maps as they search for their final destination. With the basic background of a television studio where they are performing, the lighting design, the musicians, a few platforms, some props and the running video make it seem bigger than it is. A shout out to Pamela Reckamp as well working as the dialect coach and the costumes of Jennifer “JC” Krajicek.

The Midnight Company always provides some of the most unusual theatre in our town. “Little Thing big thing” is no exception as, once you settle into the occasional sound effects coming from the actors and the accents, it is a marvelous evening of adventure and (mostly) comedy.


Joe Hanrahan and Rachel Tibbetts in The Midnight Company production of “Little Thing big thing.” Photo by Ellie Schwetye

Don’t miss out on this entertaining road trip as “Little Thing big thing” runs through February 11th. Contact The Midnight Company at midnight for tickets or more information.


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