“Forbidden Broadway” Makes Rare Appearance In Town At Westport Playhouse

forbEven though we have a theatre-rich community and a lot of musicals are seen by a lot of folks thanks to the Fox, Muny and other venues, the long-running and ever-changing spoof of musicals, “Forbidden Broadway,” hasn’t often played in our town. Well, it’s back and funnier than ever at the Playhouse at Westport Plaza.

It’s always the same format- four performers and one pianist as they rip through old and new shows, changing lyrics to fit the spoof and offering broad exaggerations  of some of our favorites. This time around they’ve delved into some of the classics from the past including “Ambition”- a take-off on “Fiddler On The Roof” and one that always seems to pop up- an actress with a cigarette dangling from her lips and dressed in a bright red “AnnIe” dress, singing, “I’ll be 40 years old…tomorrow.”

Some new ones appear too including a put down of “Once.” I agree with this one when they say, “Once is enough.” But the old staples are the highlights of this production- I guess because they feel the St. Louis audiences may be more familiar with the older shows that have played our town like “Phantom of the Opera,” “Les Miserables” and even a spoof on Cameron Mackintosh who produced those two show and other big, splashy musicals. He sings about piling success on top of success by selling tacky merchandise to tie in with the shows as he opens his coat and shows T-shirts, mugs, CDs and other items- all to the tune of “My Favorite Things” but singing “My Souvenir Things.”

This cast is an energetic and talented one including Valerie Fagan, Jeanne Montano, Kevin B. McGlynn and William Selby. Between costume changes and changes of character, they are non-stop whirlwinds. With musical accompaniment by Catherine Stornetta along with some clever choreography from Phillip George and wild costumes from Alvin Colt, it makes for a complete package. It’s also directed by Phillip George and the father of “Forbidden Broadway,” Gerard Alessandrini. He created this show as a small cabaret act in 1982 and now it has grown into this world wide phenomenon.

“Forbidden Broadway” is here for a very short time- through November 13th- so plan on seeing it soon. If you’re a big fan of Broadway musicals, you probably already know about the show, but if you haven’t seen it, get thee to Westport Playhouse and treat yourself to an evening of fun and laughs. For more information, contact them at http://www.playhouseatwestport.com

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