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Stage Door Temporarily Shut Down- Will Return Soon

June 13, 2014

Allen's Alley picMaybe you’re wondering why some of the wonderful shows haven’t been reviewed lately on Stage Door St. Louis. My wife had back surgery two weeks ago and, rather than go through another rehab nightmare like she had two years ago, I’m acting as caregiver so she can recuperate at home. Consequently, I haven’t been to several of the recent openings. I will be making up as many as I can though some have such short runs, I probably won’t be able to include them all.

I did get to sneak in Shakespeare In The Park before it all happened and will be posting that (or those) reviews soon. After reviewing “The Magic Flute” at Opera Theatre, it looks like the rest of the short repertory season may elude my grasp. The Muny opens next week and I hope to get to those as well. She is doing quite well but it really takes full time care and I’ve only been out to the grocery store and a few other necessary short trips as she needs assistance getting in and out of bed, have been fixing our meals, etc.

So, please stay tuned and, if you follow me on FB, I’ll continue to have updates there. In the meantime, keep enjoying the wonderful productions around town and I’ll see you all very soon. Thanks for following Stage Door St. Louis….Steve Allen